Hawaiian Huna Energy Healing

Inspiring 121 offer a unique approach using Hawaiian Huna. 

Huna is the modern or Western label given to the ancient healing and spiritual techniques practiced by the ancient Hawai’ians that were once secret and carefully guarded.

Inspiring 121 are one of only a few practices in the North East who use Hawaiian Huna as a therapeutic modality.

Hawaiian Huna is ‘content free’. This means that the client does not need to share issues they do not wish to and yet are still able to obtain resolution to them.

Hawaiian Huna utilises techniques to rebalance the internal energies that we all possess and clear any emotional blockages that hinder us.

With a lineage stretching back some 10,000 years Hawaiian Huna provides an alternative to more contemporary therapies and suits a wide variety of people who may find Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy unsuitable for them.

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