Hypnotherapy – The Power of the Mind

When I tell people I practice hypnotherapy they often wonder if I have put them in a trance and can be convinced they have been hypnotised against their will and made to strut around the room clucking like a chicken.

A fun way to spend my days though that might be, the reality is very different. Dating back to ancient times, hypnosis is a healing technique based on using simple suggestion to induce a trance-like state.

Hypnotherapy works by harnessing the power of the mind and making it work for, rather than against you. Although widely used by sports people and others whose livelihoods depend on high performance, it is just as easily used by us ordinary mortals to help make our goals and dreams a reality.


Answer me a simple question: where exactly are you right now?

Think about your drive to work this morning – you arrived safe and sound but can’t remember the journey or how many roundabouts, junctions and traffic lights you negotiated. And if you can’t remember the journey, who was driving your car?

Or how about when you are sitting reading, working on your PC or watching television and you don’t hear your partner or colleague calling your name. Where are you then?

Believe it or not, you are in a trance, which is a perfectly natural human state.

Research shows we spend around 80% of our waking life in one form of trance or another, making us experts at it. And we could be using this skill to bring us what we want in our lives.


Being in a trance is not the same as being asleep – it’s more of a floaty feeling, similar to the one you have when lying on a beach on a sunny day when you are hearing sounds around you but are not bothered by them.

Many of you will have set yourself some targets or outcomes but how often do you achieve them? Our outcomes are held in our conscious minds rather than in our unconscious minds and once you understand that principle then you can achieve your outcomes just as easily as you drive your car safely without having to think consciously about it.

Installing your desired outcome and a plan for delivering it in your unconscious mind can easily be done using hypnosis techniques.

Hypnotherapy is not about changing people – the potential to live an excellent life is already in their hands. My role is to equip them with a set of simple tools that will support what is already within them and assist them to find ways of getting where they want to be.

If that sounds a bit ‘new-age’, take a minute to consider how different your life could be when you are consistently and sustainably achieving your outcomes. How many personal and professional areas of your life could you take to the next level of success and obtain even more from them than you already do now?

The answer is with you.

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Want some relaxation now?  Here’s some relaxing music by Stephen Halpern Sit back and relax x

Maria Wright, Clinical Hypnotherapist