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Our services include Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Hawaiian Huna, Energy Healing, Russian Doll Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy and Inner Child Therapy


Supporting you in your Emotional Well-Being and Your Mental Health.

Welcome to Inspiring 121. We are a private practice based just outside of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England.  We offer a range of therapies including Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Russian Doll Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy and Inner Child Therapy.  We use a blended approach depending on your needs and offer in-person and online sessions depending on your preference and where you are in the world.

We are highly trained therapists and have around 3000 client hours between us and attend regular one-to-one supervision to ensure that our practice is safe for all clients. We are trained and qualified to Diploma level in Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy as approved by the NLPtCA and Clinical Hypnotherapy as approved by The National Hypnotherapy Society. We are qualified up to Level 3 in Hawaiian Huna Therapy, which is the highest qualification available in this modality in the United Kingdom.




Psychotherapy is a talking therapy and enables you to work through any mental or emotional distress which can be experienced in many ways including; anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, depression, relationship issues, trauma, extreme mood swings, self-harm, panic attacks, and phobias. NLPt Psychotherapy covers a wide range of different approaches depending on your needs and what will suit you best.

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Hypnotherapy can help with many behavioural issues such as smoking cessation, nail-biting, weight control, creating healthy eating habits, sports performance, exam nerves, stress management, childbirth, skin problems, pain control, self-confidence and many more. We also blend hypnotherapy with other therapies to enable you to integrate new habits and behaviours that have been learnt during the sessions.

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Russian Doll Therapy

Russian Doll Therapy enables you to bring about healing of your younger selves and inner child and is a gentle yet powerful way of reconnecting with a younger you who may have been left behind or still feeling past hurts.

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Sand Tray Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy works with all ages and enables you to bypass your logical mind and access your unconscious so that you can work through your issues and make changes in your life.

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Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child Therapy enables you to heal unresolved emotional issues which stem from childhood to help you find resolution so that you are able to make changes in your life.

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Hawaiian Huna

Hawaiian Huna is a unique approach to healing and uses the ancient healing and spiritual practices of the Native Hawaiians.  We use different techniques including the healing of Ho’oponopono, Higher Self Therapy and Chakra Healing to enable you to bring about healing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

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Reiki is a gentle and powerful approach to bring healing to your physical and emotional bodies and enables the release of energy blockages, bringing about relaxation and feelings of peace and connectedness.

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In addition to the principal therapies that we offer, we also offer Integrated Eye Movement Therapy. Emotional Freedom Therapy, Rickter Scale Therapy and Time Line Therapy.  We also incorporate these into our main approaches when needed.

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We offer support with a wide range of issues which include and are not limited to the following:

Depression                      Medicated Depression

Relationship Issues        Family Issues

Stress                               Anxiety

Trauma                            PTSD

Panic Attacks                  Lack of Confidence

Low Self-Esteem            Personal Performance

Weight Issues                 Smoking Cessation

Sexual Abuse                  Grief

Bereavement                  Child Birth

Phobia Cures                  Health Issues

mental health

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Other Therapies Available include – Integrated Eye Movement Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy and Rickter Scale Therapy.

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 mental health